• Sinter Bronze Filter

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    Sinter bronze filter is muffler, which is made by bronze and used in machine, chemical and petroleum industry.


    Bronze is mainly with content of silicon 1~4%. Sometimes, the element of Mn and Zn can be added according to different applications.


    The shape and size can be customized according to different requirements. The sheet sizes are round, rectangle, ring, etc. Tubes are through and blind holes. Meanwhile, the thread can be processed on outer and inner sides. Meanwhile, there are some irregular shapes with cap, cup, bevel angle, etc.


    In the sinter bronze, content of Ni can improve its corrosion resistance, mechanical property, and electricity conductivity. Si and Ni will be produced the copper chemical NiZSi. The dissolution rate is 9.0%, and will be lower when the temperature is decreasing. The proportion of Ni:Si is 4:1. Meanwhile, the element of Pb, Sn, S, etc are impurities for the filter, should be controlled strictly.


    Solve the problems of pneumatic filtration, dust control, hydraulic filtration, gas distribution, material evaporation and extraction. The requirements can be met, including dust removal, impurity removal, filtration, noise reduction, non permeability and air permeability.
    As a pneumatic hydraulic filter element, it is mainly used for gas dedusting and air, such as cylinder, pneumatic, air compressor, pressure reducing valve, ventilation cap, electronic accessories, gas cutting, dust remover, brake, etc.
    As the microporous filter material of hydraulic components, it mainly acts on the liquid medium, and its application range is hydraulic oil, water, etc. it is used to filter hydraulic oil and remove impurities in oil or water. It can be used in the fields of hydraulic oil, gasoline, diesel oil, medical equipment, aviation, water permeable plate, chemical industry, food, textile, etc. it can also be used as the distribution and refining of fluidization and boiling bed materials.


    Parts for dust remover in industries, including machine, chemicals, petroleum and ships.

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