• Sputtering Target

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    Sputtering target is a kind of target used for evaporation spraying and magnetron spray to form a coating on metal, ceramic or alloys.


    Shapes: Rectangle target, round target, and customized target

    Chemicals: Metal target, alloy target, and ceramic target

    Applications: Semi-conductor ceramic target, recording ceramic target, display ceramic target, super-conducting ceramic and giant magnet resistant ceramic target

    Applied industry: Microelectronic target, magnetic recording target, optical disk target, precious metal target, film resistance target, conductive film target, surface modification target, mask layer target, decorative layer target, electrode target, packaging target

    Magnet Controlled Sputtering

    It is a kind of physical vapor coating. The principle of the sputtering is using electron gun system to focus electron emitting on targeted materials to form a film. The sputtering target is the material to be sprayed.

    Sputtering Technology

    Sputtering is a method to produce film, which is applied ion source to produce ions and gathered in the vacuum chamber and form ion beam. The beam is reactive with the ion on the surface of the metal, and then covered. A process of sputtering is completed.


    Sputtering target is widely used in electronic and information industry, such as integrated circuit, liquid crystal display(LCD), laser memory, and electronic controller. It can also be used in glass coating, abrasive materials, high temperature and corrosion resistant materials and decorative products.

    Metal Sputtering Targets

    Nickel target, titanium target, zinc target, chromium target, magnesium target, niobium target, tin target, aluminum target, indium target, iron target, zirconium aluminum target, titanium aluminum target, zirconium target, aluminum silicon target, silicon target, copper target, tantalum target, germanium target, silver target, cobalt target, gadolinium target, lanthanum target, yttrium target, cerium target, tungsten target, stainless steel target, nickel chromium target, hafnium target, molybdenum target, iron nickel target, and tungsten target

    Ceramic Sputtering Targets

    ITO target, AZO target, magnesium oxide target, iron oxide target, silicon nitride target, silicon carbide target, titanium nitride target, chromium oxide target, zinc oxide target, zinc sulfide target, silicon dioxide target, silicon oxide target, cerium oxide target, zirconium dioxide target, niobium pentoxide target, titanium dioxide target, zirconium dioxide target, hafnium dioxide target, titanium diboride target, zirconium diboride target, tungsten oxide target, and aluminum oxide target

    Alloy Ceramic Targets

    NiCr alloy target, NiV alloy target, AlSi alloy target, NiCu alloy target, TiAl alloy target, and SiFe alloy target


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