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    Tungsten carbide jewellery is made by tungsten carbide, including tungsten carbide ring, bracelet and necklace, etc. This kind of jewellery is hard and with long-lifetime.



    High hardness, corrosion resistance, no deformation, no discoloration, and forever storage.


    High hardness. The Mohs hardness is 8.9~9.1, which is only lower than diamond, and it is 10 times of gold, and 4 times of titanium.
    Corrosion resistance. As for it is made of tungsten carbide, the material can be kept forever.
    Hypersensitivity. Since the material includes Ni, some people are allergy to this metal. But mostly, they can be accept widely.
    Diverse style. Both rings and bracelet can be made with variety styles.
    Surface coating. The surface can be coated with gold of 18k or 24k, or silver, etc.
    Inlay. Inlay can be diamond and ceramic.

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