• Ammonium Metatungstate(AMT)

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    Ammonium Metatungstate is shorted to AMT. it is a kind of white crystal powder, which is manufactured by ion exchange. The method is used ammonium paratungstate(APT) as raw material. The purity can be controlled over 90.00%. AMT is widely used in industries, such as petroleum, chemicals, ceramic and lubricant. Meanwhile, it can also be used as catalyst.

    Basic Information

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    Chemcial Contents

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    Production Method

    Neutralization method, solvent extraction method, electrodialysis method, tungsten acid method, ion exchange method, and thermal decomposition

    Neutralization method is adding deionized water and ammonium citrate slurry into ammonium paratungstate. More…

    Solvent extraction is adding de-ionized water into APT. More…

    Electrodialysis to produce AMT is using APT as raw material, and put them into anode chamber. More…

    The method of tungsten acid is applied ammonia to dissolute tungsten acid. More…

    Ion exchange is heating APT under 130~140℃. More…

    Thermal decomposition is adding citric acid into APT. More…

    3TG Conflict Minerals Free Statement

    Conflict Minerals Policy Statement

    Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

    Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) can be downloaded.


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    Market and Price

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    Chinese National Standard

    The standard of ammonium metatungstate has clarified the requirements, testing method, inspection rule, logo, packing, transportation, storage, testing report and contract content. More, please visit Ammonium Metatungstate GB_T26033-2010.

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