• Tungsten Boride

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    Tungsten boride is a kind of tetragonal black crystal powder, which is with property of electricity conductivity. There are two main products, WB and W2B5. The main application is wear-resistant coating and semiconductor industry.

    Basic Information

    CAS Number: 12007-98-6

    PubChem 6336862

    Chemical Formula: W2B5

    Molecular Weight: 428.79100 g·mol

    Appearance: Black Powder

    Chemical Content

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    Tungsten Boride XRD Photo

    Producing Method

    Tungsten boride can be sintered at 1200 ~ 1300 ℃ in vacuum or argon with 2mol of tungsten and 5mol of boron powder.

    Reduction of tungsten trioxide with boron will also produce tungsten pentaboride, but at the same time it will produce tungsten monoboride as a by-product.