• Yellow Tungsten Oxide - YTO

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    Yellow tungsten oxide (YTO) is also called tungsten trioxide (WO3), appearance is yellow or yellow green crystal powder. There are two regular produced grade: A1: 1.5um and A2: 12um. Due to the difference in particle size, the specific surface area of the product is different. The different water absorption when exposed to air will cause the product to show two different colors: yellow (1.5um) and yellow-green (12um). Fine-grained yellow tungsten is mainly used to produce catalysts, while coarse-grained yellow tungsten is mainly used to produce tungsten products.

    At present, Chinatungsten Online can also provide nano-level (30 ~ 70nm) yellow tungsten oxide. In addition to being used for the production of tungsten powder, yellow tungsten oxide has been widely used in the production of catalysts, heat-insulating film additives, semiconductor materials, and solar conductive silver paste additives in recent years due to its excellent photoelectric properties.

    Basic Information

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    Chemical Content

    Yellow Tungsten Oxide 12um(A1)Chemical Content

    YTO 12um chemical content photo

    Yellow Tungsten Oxide 1.5um(A2)Chemical Content

    YTO 1.5um chemical content photo


    Yellow Tungsten Oxide 12um(A1)SEM

    YTO 12um SEM photo

    Yellow Tungsten Oxide 1.5um(A2)SEM

    YTO 1.5um SEM photo